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This is the third or fourth reiteration of my blog on my own website (and couple more other servers), and there is a pretty big change this time around. I like to write and to maintain my current crappy level of English language, it’s best for me to write these blogs. The past couple of blogs had been either my “diary” or screwed heavily towards making it about my “professional” life. Most of them failed miserably except for the last one, but all my posts were deleted when I was transferring the blog between servers due to a pretty dumb move. Instead of salvaging whatever I was left with, I decided to take a break and decide what to do with this website.

After much surfing on awesome blogs on the internet, I finally decided it is about time I get back on my blog. A difference this time is that I have some focus for this blog – the three things I am into actually (besides work. I love my research if my boss is reading this), and these are the area of awesome food, great places to experience and fun stuff I think I do. I will sort them into these three main categories, so if you are interested in only one area, it’s going to be much easier to go through them. This way, my blog is actually more about me than facts about me.

Me at the National Cherry Blossom Festival.
Me at the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

I had been known to love to eat, but it is only very recently that I got into this foodie phenomenal. One possible explanation is that I moved from the plains of the Midwest to the buzzing huge metropolis cities of the United States East Coast, and there is always better food to try. (Btw, Midwest = Big 10 schools when there were 10 schools. North Dakota is not Midwest). It is also because of me sick and tired of trusting some online stranger’s bad taste decided that I’m my tongue’s ultimate judge. Finally, this blog becomes my easy reference in case out of towners are asking for some suggestions to eat. By no means are any of my “reviews” facts – they are my mere opinions and your taste buds might disagree with my awesomer taste buds.

Even though I have a rather interesting background/personal history and that I have always been intrigued with our vast and ever changing world, travelling (and photography) only became my thing recently. I had been to several countries and plan to visit even more places in the coming years. I do not favor one kind of travelling compare to another – I had taken “luxurious” cruise ships in the Caribbean, taken long road trips in the United States (& Canada) and solo backpacked around Europe for weeks. It all bogs down to the resources (money and time) I can spend at these destinations. I had been taken some notes and pictures at places I had been, and instead of forgetting and storing them on a hard drive waiting for hard drive failure to occur, I rather share my experiences with any future travelers who are going to the same places. It can be hard to find some information regarding the destinations even with Google searches.

Me getting a huge bite of ramen.
Me getting a huge bite of ramen.

And we shall conclude with the stuff I do for “fun”. (It sounded like the other two things I do (eat and travel) are not fun. They are fun, just different.) I have been running for a couple of years now and each races bring back crazy memories that other runners would enjoy reading. I just decided to share them to entertain others as well as for me to keep track what happened where. Since cross-training is something a marathoner should do, I bought a mountain bike to enjoy during my non training days. (Yes, I call myself a marathoner even though I have done only a handful and sucked at all of them.) These activities, plus maybe some others I deemed fit to be called “fun”, will all go to the “fun” section.


I seemed to like to stay in small towns, and there are rarely any great guides for these towns. I hope my blog can serve as a pseudo-unofficial guide to these places for other people who stay here or pass by to learn about the city. It’s my own silver lining for living in “boring” places.

That's a kiddy size. just kidding!
That’s a kiddy size. just kidding!

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