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Recent writings.

All FILM; Short film reviews

Visited places; List of National Parks; Reviews of restaurants and places; Hiking places; Restaurants

Highlighted Gears; and all reviews.


External Website

Website [] Reviews, my picture dump.

Instagram/Threads [@bo_tew] Mix of film, food and travels!

Bluesky [] ALL FILM.

Mastadon [] I’m around here too!

Twitter [@bo_tew] Dead.

Reddit [u/bo_tew] Comments on fun topics.

Athlinks [Bo Tew] Runs I paid to suffer in.

Strava [Bo Tew] Runs that I chose to suffer in.

Linkedin [Bo Tew] If you have a job that just require staring at something, please do look at my resume. Would also entertain going to Antarctica to pet penguins. 

Google Scholar [Bo Er Tew] Past life. If you are real bored or need to fall asleep fast.