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PDX: Alameda Ridge Stairs

Everyone was driving their antique cars during the lock down Memorial day.

The city of Portland and the state of Oregon is still mostly under locked down even as the country and the world begins to open up. Both the national park and national forest services have coordinated with the western states, and remained close to the public. To many, that is less than ideal and has frustrated many who are eager to enjoy the sunshine and the outdoors, especially during the Memorial Day weekend. I, on the other hand, do not mind an urban hike. Portland and the surrounding areas are known for pedestrian friendly streets. One such hike is the Alameda Ridge stairs, an urban loop in the Alameda neighborhood that sits on the hilly side of the city.

Weird leaves.
Antique car.
Spring has arrived.
One flight of stairs.

The 4.4miles route is filled with well trimmed gardens. and for some reason, lots of all black houses. These are well to do families, with great views of downtown Portland. The high vantage points come with a price – roads are narrows and can be very steep. Some of these roads are connected by stairs to make them accessible, but there is no place to go to, and I did not spot any shops in the neighborhood. The twist of fate is that now it is a tourists attraction. I do not think the residents welcome outsiders and one evidence is the lack of markers along the loop.  We spotted a few couples who were following the path of the lovely Sunday afternoon.

Most antique car
Where are we going?

Little garden world.

Visited: May 24th, 2020.
Address: Path can be accessed from 2522 NE 50th Ave.

View of Portland.


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