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Kent Island, MD: Fisherman’s Inn.

Fisherman’s Inn.
Bread Basket.

Back at this giant restaurant on Kent Island, a small community between Annapolis (Mainland) and Delmarva Peninsula. It is curious why people begun settling here, because there is nothing on the peninsula. My hunch? Maybe people from Annapolis are trying to escape the city life? (That’s not really true though, because Annapolis is amazing). Fisherman’s Inn is famous for one dish – the crab cake. Sure, there are many restaurants in the Chesapeake Bay that claim to have the best, but I have never tried any of them, except for Fisherman’s. I do not have an affinity for crabs, so naturally, crab cake isn’t my thing. However, I know that the crab cake here is made of real crab, because the smell of crabs permeates through the dining hall. So, come here if you want the real deal.

2 Crab cakes! With Mashed Potato.

This time, my parents were along on the ride. We were able to get pretty good views of the bay from the booth, while ordered a couple of crab cakes (get them broiled), a fish-n-chips, and cream of crab bisque. Fried fish was delicious, flaky and all. The cream of crab, well, tasted like any cream soup with crab in it. The surprising delicious stuff were the side orders – we had the winter vegetables and mashed potatoes. Overall, that was a reasonably priced meal. (Pro Tip: Dinner entrees were not more expensive than lunch; they were just larger).

Basket of Fish and Chips.
Tartar sauce and Coleslaw.

Overall, it was a pleasant visit. Granted, we visited the restaurant in winter, which is as low of a season as it got, even for a Saturday brunch. The crab themselves, I’m pretty sure are not the famous/typical Maryland blue crabs, unless they were frozen from summer. Whatever the source, the crab cakes were authentic, and I highly recommend any seafood fans to visit this humongous restaurant across the bay from Annapolis.

Comes with a lighthouse.

Visited: Dec 2th, 2017. 11am.
Address: 3116 Main St, Grasonville, MD 21638


Here are some pictures I took the last time I was here. Enjoy!

Lots of china on display.
Choo Choo.
Views from the restaurant.
Crab cake sandwich.
Crabcake lunch sandwich combo.

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