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Folsom, PA: Charlie’s Hamburgers


The best food are always a hole in the wall. I think that’s because you can’t sell a rundown restaurant with services and atmosphere, so in order to survive in this tough world, the food better be damn tasty. Charlie’s hamburger is just that. From the outside, you wouldn’t even expect them to sell hamburgers, let alone damn good ones. Charlie’s is located in Folsom, a town sandwiched between the infamous Chester and the touristy Philadelphia. You have probably never heard of that, but you have been around there – it’s literally a stone throw away from the airport and John Heinz national wildlife refuge. Even though it is not well known to outsiders, locals packed this place from open to close.

Some hamburgers.

Like many classic hamburger places, there aren’t many choices – I’m of the belief that you shouldn’t make something fancy if it is good; simplicity is king. You can get it with cheese, Fried onion and double the patty, but that’s about it. There are no fries, just bags of local Herr Chips. Once your burger is cooked, you will be called to the condiments table – options are Ketchup, tomatoes, onions, pickles and radish. They have radish because they also serve hot dogs.

I don’t think the hamburger changed since the beginning, and that makes it unrecognizable to an untrained eye. The size is small in today’s standard, kind of like the little brother of a McD’s cheeseburgers, but it is much larger than white castles sliders. My advice is to order a couple. The patties are thin, and even though I couldn’t tell the difference between singles and doubles, so pay the extras and stick to doubles.

Why do I think the burger is amazing? Because it literally melts in my mouth. It probably have something to do with using fresh ground beef, cook to order, squishy buns and the amazing fried onion. It doesn’t really matter – just get a couple and enjoy the experience. Let the juice swim in your mouth. And while you are at it, order their milkshake – they use top grade Bassett’s ice cream. I always get black and white and it never disappoints.

Black and White Milkshake

Bring some cash, and stick with the burgers and milkshake. Enjoy and have fun at this institute while they are still around. The prices might have “skyrocketed” since its beginning, but it is still decently priced. Besides, you can’t put a price tag on priceless treasures.


Location: 336 Kedron Ave, Folsom, PA 19033 (39.8972324N, -75.3156042W)

Visited: July 9th 2016 for Lunch at 12pm.


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