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Newport: Mission


You read all the hints, study all night long, prepared detailed notes; but when the exam came, you freaked out and wrote down stuff you weren’t suppose to. The results came back and you got a B, you thought to yourself, it isn’t that bad. Deep down inside, however, you will always have the guilt and would wonder what if you had done your best? Well, it didn’t really happen to me that way, but I didn’t order Mission’s best burger – the Cheeseburger with caramelized onion and Secret sauce. So, don’t expect me to show any of those pictures.

Newport, RI is a place for rich people. The restaurants are fancier, everyone dressed pretty, and even the vista are gorgeous. That’s why Mission is unique – you would not expect a cool, tasty and affordable burger joint in the mist of all matter elegant. I was surprised that they choose be in Newport rather than Providence, considering that their main audience are the college students. Mission is your typical 21st century rusty fast casual restaurantorder at the counter and find some place to sit. I wanted to grab a drink but the cashier couldn’t name me a single local beer. I also ended up getting the chili cheeseburger as I assumed wrongly that the most expensive burger is probably the best.

To be fair, I should not dismiss the chili cheeseburger – it is very good. The chili definitely over power the flavor of the meat, and the concept is similar to that of a chili dog. The chili was well made, a little spicy and contains tiny triangle tortilla chips that gives the burger additional crunch that wouldn’t be presence otherwise. The portion size is generous, and the chili but dripping all over my plate as I was eating the burger. An order of burger comes with some fries, but I accidentally ordered another side of fries – the side order is a large order of fries, be wary. The fries are tasty, but I would advice getting another burger, they taste pretty good.

I wanted to get the cheeseburger with the secret sauce to go just to fix my fault, but I decided against it. Now, I really have a reason to revisit Newport.

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