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Shot on film: Ilford FP4 | Plaubel Makina 67 | Nikkor 80/2.8

February means the month of FP4 started! I think most film photographers could name THE Ilford film, i.e. HP5; and possibly the C41 BW XP2; and the newest color film on the market – Harman Phoenix. However, there are a lot more good everyday films that are not as popular, such as FP4. To be honest, this is the first time I have shot FP4, so the campaign to shoot FP4 is getting more people, such as me, to explore other options!

Ilford FP4

Camera settings: ISO is set to box speed at 125. Daylight shots were done at f/5.6 and 1/125s; night shots were done on a tripod with a release at f/8 and 1/4s, but compensated when it gets bright. Focus is set to infinity mostly.


We had a quick meal at Panera, which is a place I’ve not been in years, possibly a decade. The sun was very harsh, and I got some amazing shots around the neighborhood sandwich shop. I’m kind of proud!

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

After sundown, it was the annual Portland Winter Light Festival, and this year, I decided to bring a film camera. The event started later than I thought, so I only captured a single shot of the fireball on film. The others were all around Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall with the famous Portland sign… except I guess the R went out, so it is Potland?

Portland Winter Light Festival 2024

Onto the film review. Let’s go with the meh, it is okay at night, as in the film had decent exposure at night, but I don’t care for them. Maybe I was assuming an ISO 100 film would do better at night – I’m unsure. The three shots I took around Panera, on the other hand, were stunning. I love the slightly blown-out highlight and the complete darkness in the shadow. Even the flatter shot was good, showing the versatility of the film. I like it, and I bought a batch of expired FP4, so I’ll be shooting a lot of these down the road!

Date: Feb 1st, 2024.
Issue 89. Volume 14. Chapter 1. MA218_P67

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