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Shot on film: Lomography Color 800 | Fujifilm GA645Wi | Super EBC 45/4

The biggest weakness of the fully automatic Fuji GA645 is the loading system. For some reason, it works terribly with Lomography film, possibly because the backing paper is shiny and less grippy. However, Eric Woods (@ewoodsphoto) mentioned a way to tightly wound the film pickup spool. So I had to try it!

Fujifilm GA645Wi
Lomography Color 800

Camera settings: This is the last of three rolls that I’ve gotten which were 10 years expired. I shot these as ISO 400 film, with a stop of overexposure. Otherwise, everything is autofocused, auto-exposed, and auto-wind!

Pro Photo Supply Prints & Pints
Wayfinder Beer

Pro Photo Supply had a print and swap event, which Dan and I joined last minute. The event was extremely fun as we met a bunch of cool photographers and got prints!

Cheese and Crack
Migration Brewing

Also did some regular stuff around town, including getting my favorite Cheese and Crack sundaes, and Trivia at Migration.

Willamette Shore Trolley

The point was to try loading without fat rolls, which was something GA645 was prone to. By pressing down on the film window close to the pickup spool while winding the film, this problem seemed to be mitigated. This is amazing news, as I do enjoy shooting lots of Lomography films. Color-wise, Lomo 800 is always amazing and continues to work so well here, even if I overexposed by one stop. But maybe I should try to find some Lomo 400 too?

Date: Jan 29th, 2024.
Issue 89. Volume 14. Chapter 1. MA217_GAW

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