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Kodak Max Zoom 800

I’ve only seen these film in old camera lying around in thrift store. Someone could do some research to find out when the last of these were made, I’m going to assumed to be mid 2000s. The name might sound fancy, but these are the consumer grade “Gold 800”. We might not be able to find these fresh anymore in 20s, but there are two ways to shoot them:

1) Kodak still produce disposable camera with ISO 800 film – so break open those to steal a roll (I’m 99% they are not Portra 800, the only 35mm film that Kodak sells).

2) By the look of it, Lomo 800 is probably repackaged Gold 800, which would be the same as option 1.

Review: These are soft (I do not know if it is due to being 15 years expired), and extremely grainy (ISO 800). Green still pop, all other colors are purple. Shoot them for fun, don’t pay more than $1. I might have underexposed them by shooting at box speed, so my recommendation is to shoot them at ISO 200 (or +2).

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