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Longwood Gardens, PA

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The Dupont family is famous for 2 things – the company itself, which makes fun chemicals and weird materials; and Longwood Gardens, one of the worst kept secrets around the area. Open to the general public, the garden is a must see during spring when the flowers bloom. If you come during any other time of the year, they also have a gorgeous Italian water garden decorated with elegant water fountains and the mindbogglingly huge greenhouse complex known as conservatories. This is my first visit here after two years living around the area, and it is definitely one of the most unique places nearby.

Visiting Longwood Gardens reminded me of Garden by the bays, a large man-made natural park in Singapore that consisted of various ecospheres and conservatories. I was there during the first months of it’s opening back in 2012, and the one thing I noticed was that many of their plants were either dying or dead. It seemed to me that the experts in charged were just not knowledgeable with what they were tasked to do, which may or may not be the result of overlooking the importance of botanists in Singapore. In the coming decades, many developing countries will attempt similar greenery projects, like the one seen here. Attractions like Longwood Gardens isn’t the product of economics or pet projects by world leaders. Rather, these are the results of passionate visionary who worked hard and ensure the success of their own dream. Just a thought, anyway.

There ain’t much to talk about since the place is too charming and words alone are inadequate to describe the picture-perfect fauna. Enjoy the photos!

I tried to get more people in the shot but alas I failed.
I tried to get more people in the shot but alas I failed.
In case you were wondering, there were a lot of people today.
In case you were wondering, there were a lot of people today.
People Mountain People Sea.
People Mountain People Sea.

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The famous Italian water Gardens
It’s rather enjoyable even with all the progress going on.

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Address: 399 Longwood Rd, Kenneth Square, PA 19348. (General admission $20; Students $10)

Visited: May 8th 2015, 2pm on a Saturday. Happened to be Mother’s day Weekend.



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