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Shot on film: Lomography Potsdam | Plaubel Makina 67 | Nikkor 80/2.8

I always thought I loved Potsdam. Then I realized I had never shot Potsdam in a little while. Then I realized I had never shot them in medium format. Then I realized it was on some huge special sale. As a result, I bought a bunch and went out with my Plaubel.

Lomography Potsdam

Camera settings: Film was set to ISO 100. Outdoor shots were set at f/8 and 1/125s; indoor shots were set at f/2.8 at 1/30s.

Harvey The Rabbit

I noticed Harvey the rabbit the first time I drove on the Tualatin Valley (TV) highway. There is some history regarding this sculpture (see sources below). It was originally a Texaco “Big Friend Statue” which was left at a fiberglass repair in 1962. The repairman decided to remodel it as a rabbit from the 1950 “Harvey” movie. The rabbit has been at the same spot since 1974 and still stands even after the shop “Harvey Marine” closed in 2017.

Mount Williams Park

I have a dinner to catch in Cedar Hills, but there is still some good sunlight. Did a quick look on the maps, and noticed Thornbook Woods Natural Area. I have never been here, and I parked in the neighborhood of huge mansions. The ridge has great views of Beaverton before I head into the woods.

The trail connects to Mount Williams Park, and as the name suggests, I had to climb up the hill but it wasn’t too bad. I continued onto the Westside Regional Trail with huge pylons and another view of Beaverton, but also south to Tigard.

New Seasons Market

As the sun set, I headed to nearby New Seasons Market and took some supermarket pictures. I’m sure these are highly illegal, but nobody complains when they take pictures on their cell phones~

Westside Regional Trail

Overall, I quite like these shots. The grains are very smooth, and everything came out well exposed. Even the indoor shots came out great, which is surprising for an ISO 100 film, but not surprising since this is a Cine stock (ORWO UN54), which is known for high lattitude. I am still debating if Potsdam looks better than other BW film stock, but it is cheaper so I have no complaints!

Date: Feb 3rd, 2024.
Issue 89. Volume 14. Chapter 1. MA220_P67

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