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Shot on film: Kodak T-max 400 | Plaubel Makina 67 | Nikkor 80/2.8

The sun goes down, and the speed goes up. Black and white is the game. We rarely get to Hillsboro downtown, so decided to do a quick walk and see if anything was interesting.

Kodak T-Max 400

Camera settings: All shots were taken at f/2.8; handheld shots were at 1/30s, while tripod shots were taken at 1/2s. I only took two shots on a tripod, see if you can spot them.

I actually started this role in the previous session. Powell’s has a few locations around town, and one of the locations is located in Cedar Hills. Decided to walk around, with nothing in mind. I always wonder who shops here, but I have bought books from Powell’s once in a while, and I really do like that I have a huge bookstore nearby.

We made it to Hillsboro downtown, which was more lively than we were expecting. There were some new shops, and we went onto the rooftop to see if we got a decent view of the city. (Nope.)

Walked around randomly, and saw some shops with really nice storefronts.

There is an arcade (Arcade 2084) that shows a huge projection of the music video that they are blasting. We decided to hang out a little, and they served drinks and food in the back. The setup was very weird but very cool.

This roll of T-Max 400 is slightly expired (actually 20 years) and came with some random white spots. I’ve noticed it on the other rolls from the same batch. Even then, the grains are almost negligible and I was shooting these at box speed, which is kind of incredible. Expired color film would not have been able to show similar characteristics. With that said, those white spots are kind of distracting, so I’m glad I ran out of these films!

Date: Feb 4th, 2024.
Issue 89. Volume 14. Chapter 1. MA221_P67

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