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Sunday’s Long run – 10/5/14

When I was running this morning, I made up this theory that we can categorized people into different groups by what they do on Sunday mornings. There are those who schedule their long runs and understand what that phrase means; they are some who are church-goers; others get a really awesome brunch-date; and the rest who either sleep in because they don’t get to sleep the rest of the week or can’t wake up because alcohol taste really great the night before.

It was really cold out this morning (~5C) but I chose to wear my usual shorts and t-shirt for the 18-miler. Even though I felt really cold at the beginning (partly due to under-dress, partly due to not acclimate to the cold weather yet), the weather felt awesome a few miles into my run. I guess I made the right choice when it comes to clothing, and I wonder how hot those other runners who dressed in layers felt.

Anyway, I thought I mapped out 18 miles and turns out it was only close to 17 miles. I was kind of happy as I thought was running very fast, but the truth was that I wasn’t. I did clock in 2 hours 25 mins though, which isn’t too shabby. And there is still some good news – Fall is finally here!

The 17 mile run that I thought it was 18 miles long!
The 17 mile run that I thought it was 18 miles long!

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