Pittsburgh,PA: Pamela’s Diner

I was told this place is famous. It is obvious with the line out of the door when we arrive minutes after the restaurant opens. We got real lucky, and I’m able to find parking across the street. With that said, it would not been that hard considering the long holiday weekend, and that nothing […]


ILG, DE: First Flight

I always wondered who fly tiny planes. Rich people? People who crave freedom? Big sky lovers? Where do they go? With that said, it was never in my cards learn to fly or ask for a ride. The assumption is that I don’t really care for it, like how I don’t really entertain the thought […]

Daily Masterpiece

“Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?”

Truth be told, I had only been to Waffle House once. It is the joy of the south, but it didn’t impressed me the first time with it’s greasy kitchen and tight fitting booths. My mind was changing, however, after watching an exclusive by Anthony Bourdain and Sean Brocker (owner of Husk), I understand what Waffle […]