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Pittsburgh,PA: Pamela’s Diner

I was told this place is famous. It is obvious with the line out of the door when we arrive minutes after the restaurant opens. We got real lucky, and I’m able to find parking across the street. With that said, it would not been that hard considering the long holiday weekend, and that nothing else seems to be open in The Strip this early. The church superimpose over the industrial looking restaurant, reminded me Spanish influenced squares. The sun slowly rose above the hills, and we are seated soon after. The restaurant is very large and extremely busy. Food is seen flying across the two dining rooms.

The original diner is elsewhere – I, however, am unable to tell the difference. The all stainless steel bar counter, the neon pink and green wallpaper filled with decades old black and white photo, and the Jetson inspired table sets all scream of a time when a crook could be the President. Wait a minute… Another president, Barack Obama, visited Pamela’s in 2008. Pamela’s is known for their crepe-style pancakes and Lyonnaise potatoes, which we order both. We have no idea what they are, but the portions are humongous and the price is very reasonable, a very Pittsburgh thing. That’s still something I can’t wrap my brains around.

I have never heard of Lyonnaise potatoes. Lyon is a Swiss-French city, and I believe their potatoes is similar to American home fries, so I am very excited to learn the difference. The food took some time as the diner is filled to the brim, but it isn’t an unreasonable wait. The amount of food, as I mentioned, is ridiculous. The Pittsburgh hash comes with eggs and toast on the side. That’s enough carbs for a marathon. Unlike home fries, these potatoes are mixed with kielbasa and sauerkraut, which give it a meaty and sour taste to an otherwise blend fried potatoes. It is very greasy, but damn tasty. Pamela’s crepe pancakes are much thinner than the usual pancake, which is an amazing modification. In my opinion, thick pancakes are too hearty even with a bucket load of maple syrup, and I’ll be sick of them before the second slide. By frying them thin, it solves those problems and give them a crispy edge, which makes the pancakes taste even more delicious. God, I’m starting to see why this place rocks!

Pittsburgh Hash – Lyonnaise potatoes mixed with kielbasa & sauerkraut, topped with Swiss.
Pamela’s Famous Crepe-style hotcakes.

Overall, Pamela’s is a great breakfast institution. They put a spin on the traditional American pancakes and hash brown, turning an otherwise blend and generic meal to this awesome combination. The only thing I would point out is that they could up their coffee game, but Americans continue to accept low quality diner coffee. Overall, Pittsburgh is proud to have them. Don’t trust my words, but listen to the praises given over the years. Heck, even President Obama was here, and he has great taste, unlike a certain someone else who eats well done steak with ketchup. Primati Bros. shouldn’t have all the glory, because the other P, the Pamela’s, should also be the icons of Pittsburgh dining.

Outdoor seating too!

Visited: September 2nd, 2018 at 9:30am for breakfast.
Address: 60 21st St, Pittsburgh

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