Portland, OR: Tryon Creek State Natural Area

I was surprised that Oregon only has one national park. This state is such a wonderland for hikers, campers and landscape photographers. After some researching, I learned that many wonderful places are administrated by the national forest and the state parks. That would make Oregon’s state parks pretty insane. The one state park I have […]

Daily Masterpiece Fun

Bird watching at White Clay Creek

I don’t know how to feel about watching wildlife in winter. I’m not even at the novice level, but I know that most birds are supposedly gone in winter and flew to the warmer parts of the world. It is true, however, that since all the trees shed their leaves, it’s so much easier to […]

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Rocks state park

39° 38′ 14″ N, 76° 25′ 0″ W One of our friends, Jimmy, found a nearby waterhole we could take a swim in, and so we headed to Rocks state park. I was expecting a hole in the ground with spring water bubbling out, but it turned out to be a waterfall, and the second tallest free fall in Maryland. It’s […]