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The Simpsons S1 E5: Bart the General

Again, kudos to the writers. Never expected this episode is about war. And the ending – that there were no good wars except the revolutionary wars, WWII and Star Wars, is pretty good.

Spoiler next:

Lisa made cupcakes for her teacher’s birthday party, but her cupcakes were destroyed by the sidekicks of the bully Nelson. Bart, seeing his sister was being bullied (and was awarded a cupcake earlier), decided to fight Nelson and accidentally cause a nose bleed. Nelson decided to bully Bart at 3pm every day, so Bart asked his dad, then his Grampa, for advice. Grampa brought Bart to the local army antique shop and asked the crazy Herman for advice. Herman made Bart to find all the “nerds” that were bullied by Nelson, and started to plan for a “war” by drilling and training. The day came, and Bart’s army (consists of hundreds of people) pelted water balloons at Nelson and friends. The friends switched side, and Nelson was captured but was not willing to give up. Herman made Nelson sign an armistice with Bart, with the conditions that Bart would never be bullied again (but nobody else in the army?)

I’m glad to see some continuity between episodes. For example, Herman was the boy who lost his hand because he left them out of the window while riding the bus, which is the story that Mrs. Krabappel (Bart’s teacher) mentioned in episode 3. Is the plan absurd? Yes. Would Nelson break the armistice? He doesn’t even know how to read.. But it is funny that this is the plan – to fight fire with fire, rather than listening to Marge’s plan to talk to Nelson, which is the right thing to do.. Maybe.. Anyway, watching this episode made me itchy to play some Advance Wars. Where are you, Nintendo!

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