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The Simpsons S1 E6: Moaning Lisa

An entire episode on Lisa! Also, weirdly enough, the opening scene is finally related to the entire episode. This is also a split episode between Homer and Lisa, two separate stories that will join back later in the episode. Lisa’s might not be that funny, but Homer’s amazing.

Spoiler next:

Lisa feels depressed because there is nothing she could do in the world, and she wants to do more. Her only escape is jazz, but her dad, obviously, hated her for practicing none stop. Homer is downstairs playing a boxing video game with Bart, and Homer always lose. Both of them found their heroes – Lisa followed the music, and found a Jazz player (by the bridge and recognized her talents; Homer went to the local arcade and paid the local video game legend to teach him. Marge also showed up, initially pushing Lisa to be more “smiley”, then realized the men in her school were being condescending and told Lisa that she deserve to show her real feelings, being an amazing mom! The episode ended when Homer almost beat Bart, but Marge pulled the power cord, announced that they are all going to the local pub to listen to Jazz.

Finally, they are showing that Lisa is the only smart/talented one in the family, whereas everyone else tried to understand her but couldn’t. Which feels very American, where a bright kid is ostracize until they go off to college, never to return again. Except in this case, Marge was on Lisa’s side. Homer beating Bart on video game is just hilarious. And even though the episode is more than 30 years old, the game looks like it could have been made recently. Aged really well!

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