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The Simpsons S1 E8: The Telltale Head

FLASHBACK. Didn’t expect that we know the ending of the episode, then the story starts from a few days earlier. Pretty cool.

Spoiler next:

Father and son was chased by an angry mob, and was about to be lynched when Bart stood over the headless statue and begun the recount. On a Sunday, the Simpsons were heading to church, and Bart’s cassette player was confiscated by Marge; instead Homer took it to listen to a football game during the service, in which his team won and he screamed his lungs out, embarrassing Marge. On the way home, Bart saw the ad for the movie Space Mutants 4 but Marge wouldn’t let him go. Homer, being a great dad, gave Bart the money anyway so he can watch. Instead of paying for the ticket, Bart was invited to join some dropouts who got into the cinema for free, only to be kicked out. They then went cloud spotting, and Bart saw a cloud that looks like the statue of the founder of Springfield, Jebediah Springfield, but without its head. The dropouts then say they would worship someone who would cut off his head.

Bart, wanting to be cool, was torn as he liked the status. However, Homer inadvertently gave Bart the wrong impression by saying staying cool is good, so Bart, in the middle of the night, cut off the head and wanted to show to the dropouts. The whole city mourned, while the dropouts suddenly flipped their scripts and would want to punish whoever that cut off the head. Bart couldn’t hide it anymore, told his family, and Homer and Bart decided to do the right thing by going to the authorities, only to be chased by the angry mob. Bart then finish his recount, and mentioned that this event brought the town together for once, and put the head back. Everyone, including heartless Mr. Burns, forgave Bart, and all is well. Great episode, lots of small funny jokes, and drama for once! Everything clicked into place once the headless cloud floated around, but there were so many misdirection from the beginning scene up to there. Love it!

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