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The Simpsons S1 E7: The Call of the Simpsons

The episode where the family go camping! Very American. Except in this case, since it is the Simpsons, you know nothing goes according to plan.

Spoiler next:

Homer saw his neighbor Ned Flanders with a new RV. He wanted to one up his neighbor, and went to the RV shop. Of course, he could only get credit for the crappiest RV, and they went on a camping trip. Ironically, the RV wasn’t the issue – Homer drove the car off the cliff. Then, the story split into three parallels – the girls made shelter, started fire and was rescued by the rangers; the boys fell off the cliff, lost their clothes in the water, failed to find food; Maggie was unable to keep up with the boys, was adopted by the bears who fed and stole toys from nearby tourists. As Homer fell into mud, he was caught on video camera and thought to be Big Foot. The story combined when the boys ventured into the bear cave, and picked up Maggie. Marge told everyone that Big Foot was her husband (thus news broke out that someone is married to Big Foot, not Homer). The boys were found and Homer was “experimented”, found to be either very dumb human or very advance beast.

Extremely funny episode, probably the best so far, maybe except the first. Most of the twist/turns are expected but it was still funny. More funny that the whole city is now laughing at Homer being dumb, and even Homer realized he is being laughed at. Also, how is he a wilderness man when he did everything wrong. And, what happens to the RV loan? He is going to have a fun time paying the $300 per month!

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