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Shot on film: Kodak Tmax 400 | Plaubel Makina 67 | Nikkor 80/2.8

Walking around St. John, and it was dark. So can an expired film capture the night?

Kodak T-Max 400

Camera settings: Most of the shots were done at night, and they were shot at 1/30s and f/2.8. ISO is set to 400, i.e. box speed. White dots on all the images an artificial from film, probably due to the expiration.

Blue Moon Camera

I watched One Hour Photo recently, and I was stunned by the offering of the film at the film lab. I realized that I’ve never taken a shot in a film camera store, even though we are in a silver era of film! (Silver for the silver on black and white film) So here is a shot of the film that our local Blue Moon Camera carries in early 2024.

St. Johns Beer Porch
St. Johns Deli & Grocery

I walked along the road, away from St. John. There is little light to be found outside, even though many shops are open. (it was barely 1800) I tried to capture anything that was bright enough, hoping I could get an image. Here are various street views.

Novedades Prado Quinceanera and Prom dresses

IQ Credit Union

I still have mixed feelings about the Kodak Tmax 400. It is supposed to be the smoothest grain film ever, unlike Tri-X or HP5. And that’s very true, the grains are not very visible. However, I don’t like the images from this roll, and that’s not due to the white spots artifact. Yes, it might be dark, and most of the scenes were underexposed. But even the bright shot in Blue Moon is not inspiring. I still have some T-max 400 to burn through, but this is definitely ranked last amongst the 400-speed BW film.

Madison Automotive

Date: Jan 27th, 2024.
Issue 89. Volume 14. Chapter 1. MA215_P67

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