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Shot on film: Ilford XP2 Super | Horizon Perfekt | KMZ Industar 28/2.8

I rarely shoot pano in my home city, so this is going to be a new exercise, for me to shoot some pano at home.

Ilford XP2 Super
Lomography KMZ Horizon Perfekt front view.

Settings for the session: Rough exposure was set by using a light meter. All outdoor shots were metered to be at 1/250s and f/8. Indoor/shadow shots were set at 1/60s and f/2.8. Focus is set to infinity.

Park Avenue Fine Wines

It was a sunny day, and the Christmas celebration was in full swing. Today’s show was the Tuba Christmas Concert. Pioneer Square is packed with people and lots to see. I did not realize the enormity of the Christmas Tree that they have placed here. It was a fun event.

Tuba Christmas Concert

After the Tuba Christmas Concert, I walked around to enjoy the nice weather.

First Presbyterian Church of Portland

I had two shots left, and some credit at Voodoo. So had to do the touristy thing to stop by to empty both the roll and the credits.

Voodoo Donuts

This roll of XP2 Super is pretty nice. I would have preferred if the film could be more contrasty, but it is in the right direction. Case in point: the indoor shots and shots in the dark, i.e. shadow details, are pretty weak. I think that’s the trade-off for using a C-41 easy-to-develop chemistry for a black-and-white film. It is easy to find a lab to develop C-41, the universal color film developer; and so, the film is good enough to be in a photographer’s kit, but it will never be someone’s favorite. I guess XP2 Super is a good BW film for a mostly color shooter, except I don’t develop my own film, so… maybe not!

Portland Outdoor Store

Date: Dec 17th, 2024.
Issue 87. Volume 13. Chapter 6. FA270_P67

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