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Shot on film: Cinestill 400D | Plaubel Makina 67 | Nikkor 80/2.8

This is the second roll shot when there was a snow storm in Portland. I was walking around the Grant Park neighborhood, which includes the Grant High School and some of their sports facilities.

Cinestill 400D

Camera settings: Internal light meter determined rough exposure. All were shot at 1/500s with an aperture of f/8. Three frames were skipped, more than the last roll, and I am hoping it is just the cold weather and nothing more.

I was walking around the little park in Grant Park, when I noticed that the gates were unlock going into the tennis courts. For some reason, the snow/ice have this weird texture and were patchy. It looked really good in person, but I wasn’t really able to capture that feel.

Ulysses S. Grant Tree Monument
US Grant Park Tennis Courts

Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden

I needed to finish the roll, since the cloudy days are coming back and I don’t want to shoot anymore color film, so had a few shots of the surrounding neighborhood.

I backed Cinestill 400D when it was a Kickstarter event. It wasn’t exactly cheap, but I wanted to make sure we have this Kodak 5207 cine film stock in 120. Since then, Cinestill tarnished their own name by getting into lots of drama with smaller companies with cease and desist threats. There are now more film options, and I have unable to make Cinestill 400D sing. I’ve seen stunning images made from this film, whereas I don’t like the color cast here. I much rather shoot cheaper and expired film, such as Pro Image.

Grant Bowl

Date: Jan 16th, 2024.
Issue 89. Volume 15. Chapter 1. MA213_P67

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