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IAD: Good Stuff Eatery

Obama ate here, ’nuff said. A block from Capitol Hill, Good Stuff Eatery is literally behind his backyard. You know what, it is so good that my Vegan friends brought me here; I only found about the president’s love after that. And unlike a certain some president, who eats well-done steak with ketchup, President Obama’s taste is known to be legendary. I have been here once, but I only got the Marshmallow milkshake. This time it is in the snowy cold ass winter, after hours walking in another Smithsonian museum. I’m hungry and I will devour anything.

The lunch crowd is gone, while the dinner crowd hasn’t arrived. Besides the large group of teenagers who found their way, there is nobody else here. I order the President Obama’s burger, not knowing he likes blue cheese. Of course, fries and another marshmallow milkshake. Unfortunately, the soda fountain does not have anything unique, provided by Coke. The sauce game, on the other hand, is on full throttle – there is ketchup, mustard, but also chipotle and mango. It is pretty cool, to be honest.


If you dislike Five Guys, don’t come here. It doesn’t ooze oil, but it is as greasy as it gets. It feels like they dropped the burger into a bucket of butter before handling to me. The burger is on the smaller portion, but it melts in my mouth. The blue cheese slightly overpowers everything else, but I could still taste the texture of the strips of bacon. The fries look to have been peeled in store, slightly soggy and rather delicious. However, how can one finish a greasy burger and a large portion of fries when there is a perfect cup of milkshake waiting? I’m not sure why the marshmallow milkshake is good – marshmallow by itself doesn’t have much flavor. The shake tastes like a mix of vanilla and a bit of cookies and cream. It is good, but not bizarre. They did stuff a single marshmallow in the shake, I appreciate the gesture.

Prez Obama Burger – Applewood Bacon, Onion Marmalade, Roquefort Cheese & Horseradish Mayo. ($7.65)

I never know where to eat around the mall. The food in the museums is way overpriced and pretty bad. There is some fast food north of the mall (around White house), but they are usually crowded with tourists and none of them really stands out. I guess they hid the better restaurants behind the Library of Congress. Good Stuff Eatery feels similar to the Shake Shack concept – the burgers aren’t as good, fries are way better, but I have to give the shakes to Shake Shack. But there is no Shake shack nearby (even if there is, I wouldn’t be going to the one in D.C.). Tune Inn next door is also pretty good, I guess I actually check out more restaurants around the area.

Marshmallow Shake

Visited: February 1st, 2019 at 2:30 pm for lunch.
Address: 303 Pennsylvania Ave SE

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