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Elkton, MD: Plumpton Park Zoo

For some reason, there is a zoo on the country road in Elkton, MD. MD-273 isn’t that lonely, but it is definitely off the beaten path. Nobody I know have heard of Plumpton Park Zoo, let alone visited it. I have only know about it from the drives and rides along MD-273. It was never on my list to visit, but the weather was nice, and I thought I remember the zoo has giraffes. Plumpton Park Zoo takes in exotic pets that, I assume, owners aren’t capable or willing to take care of. Thus, in the middle of nowhere, comes a surprising fun zoo.

Plumpton Park Zoo

The zoo is much larger than I imagined, and contains much more animals that just rabbits, ducks and sheep. Chickens and peacocks run free, while animals “roam” in cages. The zoo keepers were feeding the animals all over the morning, so these animals were active while I was here. Enjoy the pictures!

Fallow Deer
Barred Owl
Pot-bellied Pig
They are everywhere.
African Crested Porcupine
Huge bunny
Harris’s Hawk
Bennett’s Wallaby
Silver Pheasant
Pygmy Goat
Arctic Fox
Prairie Dog
American Bison
Siamang Gibbons
European Brown Bear
Black-backed Jackal
White-faced capuchin
Golden Pheasant
White Bengal Tiger & Siberian Tiger
African Serval
Hyacinth Macaw
Burmese Python
Sun Conure
Sandhill crane
Blue-eared Pheasant
Bactrian Camel

And yes, there were giraffes. You can pay $5 to feed it lettuce. Romaine.

Address: 1416 Telegraph Rd, Rising Sun, MD 21911

Visited: April 6th 2019, 10:30am.

Admission: $13 for adults.











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