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Fujifilm Fujicolor Pro 400H

I joined the film game only recently. Film stocks, at least the good stuff, have been on the declined for more than a decade. The choices on the market have not changed for awhile. That is, until Jan 2021, when Fujifilm decided to pull the plug on Pro 400H, due to a lack of ingredients. I’m glad I shot a roll by accident, because I will never be able to find these film again. This is the first time I felt dread, of a discontinued product that I will never shoot again.

Ironically, this is one of my least favorite film. I prefer high saturations films (think Lomo, Ektar), and Pro 400H is not known for that. These pictures came out softer, giving that dreamy feel. Everyone seemed to rave about the green rendition, which is seen in some of the vegetation. The discontinuation of Pro 400H hits hard among the 120 format shooters, and those who love this film stock – truly a sad day for film industry. Fujifilm is down to a single line of color film (Superia) and two lines of slide film (Provia and Velvia). If you are counting, they have almost the same choices for their Instax film shooters.

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