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Film on shot: Lomography Color 800 | Plaubel Makina 67 | Nikkor 80/2.8

How is this a trilogy if Kodak and Fuji 64T films were the only comparison? Well, the night was young after the PDX Film League photowalk. (The sun sets at 4 pm in December!) So, after a quick meal and a reload, we were ready to explore Hawthorne.

Lomography Color 800

Camera settings: No more sad tripod shit. Lomo 800 was shot with a +1 exposure compensation because it is slightly expired. All the shots were shot as ISO 400 film at f/2.8 at 1/30s handheld. The rule of thumb is to shoot faster than the inverse of the focal length (in this case, 1/80s), but I like to shoot at 1/30s handheld.

McMenamins Bagdad Theater & Pub
McMenamins Bagdad Theater & Pub

We started at Bagdad because we ate there. The neon sign was legendary and needed to be photographed more often.

Little Griddle
Mulligan Bar & Grill

Walked down the street, saw some more neon signs, and a cool hat shop!

Classic Collection Hats
Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine

Saw a few more restaurants and shops.

Alien Mermaid Cove
TarBoush Lebanese Bistro & Bar

Of the trilogy of the film that was shot at night, Lomo 800 easily won the prize. It isn’t even close – read all the posts and tell me how Lomo is the best. Moreover, this roll of film is also expired, so we can’t even blame it on the expiry date. (This Lomo 800 is part of the Lomo BW 100/Shanghai GP3 film, so you could gauge yourself how bad these were actually stored). With that said, Lomo 800 was meant to be shot at night; it is ISO 800, whereas the other two 64T films were designed for studio portrait sessions with strong continuous light. I really like Lomo 800, the grain isn’t too distracting, especially in 120 format. There are only 5 high-speed films still in production (this, Portra 800, Kodak 800T, Delta 3200, and TMax 3200), so I’m glad Lomography managed to wrangle a contract with Kodak to continue to produce this. (Which I strongly believe is Kodak Max Zoom 800, but that conspiracy will have to continue in a separate post…)

Date: Dec 16th, 2024.
Issue 87. Volume 13. Chapter 6. MA201_P67

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