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Stroudsburg, PA: Siamsa Irish Pub [Short]

Some trivia facts that I learn over the years – due to British occupancy of India, there had been exchange of cuisine between the two countries. For hundreds of years, curry was and is still is part of British cuisine. When Japan opened up during Meiji era, it was British via India that taught them about curry, which the Japanese used to feed their sailors on long voyagers to prevent Beri-Beri, a disease that is caused by a lack of Vitamin B.

I stop by Stroudsburg before heading to Delaware Water Gap NRA, and walk into an Irish (American) restaurant, Siamsa Irish Pub. Considering that the name is in Gaelic, I think this is kind of legitimate. They serve pretty standard Irish American fares, like chicken pot pie and Guinness Stew, but the chicken curry caught my eye. I made sure that this isn’t Indian style before ordering it.

Irish Curry Chicken.

I got it with chips/fries, because that’s how they eat it on the British Isles. The curry is pretty thick and hammered with black pepper (I asked for hot). It is closer in flavor to Japanese curry (no surprise) than either Indian or South East Asian. Overall, it is pretty tasty! Fries complement well with the curry, although they probably wouldn’t be able to keep the heat down, unlike the usual rice. These fries are slightly too salty to my liking, but the concept is pretty cool!┬áNext time when I go to either Ireland or UK, I’ll remember that they have more than Fish and chips!

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