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The Simpsons S1 E2: Bart the Genius

Maybe one episode a day? Not sure

Spoiler next:

For some reason they made the students do IQ test. They did that when I was a kid in Malaysia too, and I’m pretty sure it was a thing in Singapore. Society really wants to separate out the “smartest” kids, to fast forward them in life. Actually met a kid who went to college at 15, but never worked with him. Not sure, I’m not a genius so I don’t get the charm of trying to get people to move forward in life early. Just smell the flowers? Anyway, Bart cheated during the exam, replacing his name with a “nerd” who had an IQ of 200++. Instead of being punished for vandalism, he was booted off to a genius school, but was found out to be dumb pretty soon by his peers and teachers. His lie was caught, and was told to go home.

On the side note, Homer was very proud of Bart being thought as a genius, and tried to be encouraging, loving and patience. One of the funny joke was that Homer told Bart that he would be the first to not get taken advantage of, which is hilarious considering. Also, they totally ignored Lisa, who was always next to them when they wondered out if any Simpsons will be smart. Anyway, Bart told Homer the truth at the end, and the chaos ensued with Homer wanting to kill Bart. The best part? “Radioactive man” comic made its appearance as a “book for the illiterate” in the smart kid school. Why am I so excited? Radioactive man’s sidekick is Fall Out Boy. Get it? And also, the world famous band!

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